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Services: The Power Of Voice

Oral History Interview Recordings

It Starts with an interview…

One that captures the voice of your loved one, on CD or DVD (with photos). An emotional, treasured keepsake that you won’t forget. 

Why voice?

Because it’s true and real and nothing compares. Not words. Not momentos. Not even photos. 

Once someone is slipping away, or lost to us in this lifetime, we do our best to remember them by looking at photos. But a photo isn’t them, it’s just a likeness. We can hold something of theirs, a shirt or a keychain or a compass, but smells fade quickly and it’s just an old item. But to sit down and put in a CD and hear their voice. Listening to them speak

That’s powerful for generations to come. 

From here, it’s easy to get creative with your treasured person’s memories, stories, and history. Creating a priceless one-of-a-kind memento made to be displayed, not stuck in a box and forgotten. A few great examples include a memory quilt or a shadow box.

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