A memoir is an intimate look at a moment in time. It satisfies two of our most human desires: to be known, and to know others.

Jessica Dukes

A memoir is a window to another time. The record of a life well-lived in a bygone era. The past—made present—is an unforgettable gift.

Why commission a memoir, anyway? You are the storykeeper in your family. It’s up to you to make sure that your elders are known by future generations. Because the old ways are being lost and without our efforts at preserving them, won’t be coming back. Personally, there are numerous people in my life who I’d love to hear speak again, remembering their laughter, their essence. And to read about their life in their own words, filling me in on the memories, experiences, and feelings I would otherwise never know. 

And how about your own life story? I understand if telling someone chunks of your life seems indulgent, but your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids won’t think so. They crave your stories and want to understand your experiences. 

Kids these days are hungry to understand a world they will never know first-hand. What it was fighting Nazis or raising eight children on a farm without electricity. Coming to America on a ship. Working in a coal mine. The 1960s. 

All you need to do is talk. I’ll guide you through the process and record it and make something you’re proud of.

Note: Writing histories for a business, town, church, or any group you are part of and wish to memorialize is a fantastic option as well. Whether it be an article we submit for publication or a full-blown book, it is a really neat creative undertaking that the people you’re affiliated with are sure to appreciate.

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