About Me

I created Strongbox Memories to blend my two passions: real-life storytelling and helping to preserve the past.

I love capturing memories and exploring the world around me. Always have. I also love to write. I also love to listen. That’s why I’m a proud member of the Oral History Association.

As a historian I can tell you, it’s not the facts, fugues, dates, and footnotes that make a person or an event special. It’s the stories. So that’s my service to you: storyfinding, storymaking, and storysharing. 

A little about me. I have a master’s degree in communication and a B.A. in world history, plus enough random credits to open a junior college. My background is in teaching writing as well as high school special education. 

I’ve written non-fiction for various nonprofits—including the Red Cross—as well as travel articles and loads of stuff on natural wellness and mental health. 

I’ve published spooky fiction in Sanitarium Magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Voluted Tales, Asylum Ink, and Grinning Skull Press. 

I split my time between Placerville, California and Fairhope, Alabama. If I’m not in a coffee shop or a thrift store, you can find me on a beach with my wonderful girlfriend Dawn (she’s a real estate broker), the Girls (8 & 11), and the Hounds (a chonk rescue pit-bull named Tank and a demure shar-pei named Blossom).

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